Claire Castel comes back in her most perverse hardcore movie of her career. She thought she had sexually experimented everything, this movie will show her that she is still far from reaching her limits

Claire, 30 years old, is a shy woman who spends more time at work than trying to sort out her love life. When she meets Jean Lefort, a famous writer, Claire can't imagine how much her life is going to change.

This very charismatic man is a true Master of domination and submission games. What Claire doesn't know is that he's decided she would become his new plaything.

Claire embarks on an initiation journey that will take her through submission, perversion and luxury. From now on, Jean and her will meet only if she agrees to his unconditional terms.

Her Master will make her feel pleasures she didn't even know existed. Public exhibition, prostitution, nothing will be spared to turn her into a woman proud of all the pleasures she can give. Her journey will lead her to accomplish her most extreme fantasy.

Casting: Claire Castel, Mina Sauvage, Ania Kinski, Lucy Heart, Candy Alexa, Rico Simmons, Rico Mancini, Josh;kristof Cale, Math

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Production year: 2017
Duration 113 min.
Directed by : Hervé Bodilis
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User reviews: Just when I had assumed that Dorcel BDSM lite features had settled into a boring, predictable rut, "Claire la Soumise" comes along to breathe a tiny bit of life into this moribund genre. For some reason, house director Herve Bodilis decided to expend an extra effort this time (after at least 200 previous mediocre videos to his name) and the result is worth watching.

There are many incidents and characters but suffice it to say that Claire Castel in the eponymous role is engaging and empathetic, as the innocent Real Estate lady who gets caught up in the strange (and now extremely trendy post-"50 Shades") world of bondage after she goes to a book signing by popular author Jean Lefort (Rico Simmons, investing his role with quality underplaying). 

He leaves her a note to contact him, and eventually she attends a dinner party at his home, presided over by Lefort's wife Lucy (the striking Lucy Heart). Claire is the only innocent among the guests, whose experience with kinky sex is evidently on a level of America's leading lady in that department, Nina Hartley.

While they calmly dine, submissive Mina Sauvage (a real talent, previously starring for Dorcel in "Diary of a Student") is selected by Lucy to crawl under the dinner table and orally service everyone attending, male and female. Claire understandably balks at this unexpected development, and is permitted to abstain, but the existence of an unusual world from which she has previously been excluded is firmly planted in her psyche.

Lots of other incidents occur, but ultimately Claire agrees to enter into Jean's universe of domination and submission, leading to highly satisfying group sex scenes involving her. Castel usually works for director Bodilis and here delivers some of her best sexual performances to date, as well as creating an endearing character.

Also making a good impression is a new Dorcel potential superstar Ania Kinski, tall and dominant as a prostitute selected to instruct neophyte Claire, while Candy Alexa, the only cast member who reads her lines in English rather than French, is also one sexy babe. Credit Bodilis for a successful mixture of story values, characterizations, gonzo sex and the trademark Dorcel glamour, quite different from his generally mindless and mechanical cinematic exercises.
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