Entice lovers tape


Pleasure, pain and compulsion often go hand in hand, which is why erotic games with elements of domination are so popular. Their integral component is a bandage - fixation of the parterre by means of various devices, in which its mobility is completely or partially limited. 

Scandal Lovers Tape is the perfect bandage tool. It allows you to immobilize a partner without resorting to complex knots, and minimizes the risk of injury. Due to the special properties of the tape, such damage to the skin as abrasions, tears, abrasions and stretching is practically excluded. Scandal Lovers Tape is very elastic, stretches well, but has the necessary margin of safety. 

It practically does not stick to the body, so the removal of the bandage takes place without discomfort. Moreover, the tape is reusable - it can be wound up and used again. 

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Length: 15 m
Width: 2.5 cm
Material: polyvinyl chloride

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