Role Play costumes

Why Role Playing?

This reduces the constraints. Perhaps the partner has wanted to try a new one in bed for some time, but it is too shy to admit it. But in the bedroom someone else makes it possible because the role play becomes more courageous during the role play. And when a partner sees a new posture being done, he dares to try it more often.

This is fun. Not every day you can play a character you have long dreamed of. In addition, the fact is that you can share your fantasy with a dear one.

How to bring role-playing games to the bedroom?

Communication and trust are important for the role play. Both partners must agree to the role play. Tell your partner about your fantasies and ask him whether he has some secret dreams he would like to share with you. Discuss how far you are willing to go, what excites you and what you absolutely do not like.

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