What payment methods are available?

You can choose a convenient payment method to pay for your order:

  • via bank link
  • Visa / Mastercard
  • Installment payment
  • Transfer (by agreement only)
  • Discount code

Via a bank link

In the case of bank link payments, we cooperate with Montonio. After placing the order, click on the desired bank link, which will immediately direct you to the selected online bank: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV pank, Coop Pank, Citadele Eesti. Enter your user ID and passwords and enter Internet Banking. In the online bank, you can see the already completed payment order, which states the amount that is due for payment for the purchased products. Confirm or cancel the payment order and press "Back to merchant".

Visa / Mastercard

We offer our customers a secure payment option by bank card.

Attention! To pay with a bank card, your bank card must be linked to a secure online shopping program, which uses the international online shopping security system "Verified by VISA" and "MasterCard SecureCode". You can check whether your bank card is linked to the program in your internet bank. Our official payment solution provider is Montonio.

Inbank Installment payment

Inbank's installment payment allows you to turn a large one-time expenditure into a small monthly expense and pay for products and services in installments. Take more time to pay and spread the purchase amount over up to 6 years. First payment only after a month.

Inbank installment payment terms:

  • Amount 100 - 10,000 €
  • Period 6 - 72 months
  • Deposit €0
  • Interest 11.9%
  • Contract fee €0
  • Management fee 0.3% per month

*Inbank installment credit rate is 31.64% per year under the following example conditions: installment amount €490, contract period in 12 months, interest rate 11.9% of the purchase amount, down payment 0%, administration fee 0.3%, monthly installment €47.23, total credit cost €566.8. The service provider is AS Inbank Finance. Before signing the contract, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult with a specialist.

ESTO Installment payment

Installment payment is a simple and fast way to buy necessary goods and services. Larger purchases are also affordable with installment payments. In order to buy by installments, the amount in the shopping cart must be at least 30 euros. If you want to pay for your order in installments, please complete the application by selecting "ESTO Installment Payment" in the shopping cart.

Don't want to pay the whole amount at once? Pay in installments!
ESTO hire-purchase is an innovative payment solution that helps  you set up a payment schedule based on the period of your choice. The payment solution makes the decision in real time.
Add the products you need to your shopping cart, confirm your order and choose ESTO hire-purchase as a payment method. When confirming your purchase, select your preferred repayment period, monthly installment amount and sign the contract digitally using your ID card, Smart ID or Mobile ID.

  • All citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged between 18 and 70 can apply for an ESTO hire-purchase
  • ESTO hire-purchase can be signed for legal entities.
  • ESTO hire-purchase is offered and managed by ESTO AS.

Attention! Before signing the contract, carefully read the terms of the proposed contract and, if necessary, consult with an employee of ESTO AS or another specialist.

ESTO AS loan annual percentage rate is 23.63% under the following example conditions: loan amount 1490 euros, cost of goods/services 1490 euros, down payment 0%, fixed interest rate 11.90%, contract fee 0 euros, total amount loan and repayment of 1844.64 euros, subject to repayment of the loan within 24 months, in equal monthly instalments of 76.86 euros. Before concluding the contract, read the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult with a specialist. The hire purchase service is offered and regulated by ESTO AS.

Discount code

To apply the discount, enter your unique code in the "Discount code" field in the shopping cart and press the "Apply discount" button.

By transfer to a bank account (by agreement only)

By choosing this payment method, you have the option to pay for the goods by bank transfer:

  • Recipient's name: HC PRO AS
  • Recipient's reg code: 10089981
  • Recipient's account: EE082200001120008415
  • Please indicate your order number in the explanation