Real Feel Deluxe 5 vibrator


Explore Uncharted Pleasures with the Real Feel Deluxe No. 5: A Touch of Reality in Your Hands

Dive into the depths of pleasure with the Real Feel Deluxe No. 1, where fantasy meets reality, offering an unparalleled sensual experience. This masterpiece, meticulously designed for those who seek the ultimate satisfaction, sets a new standard in lifelike pleasure toys.

  • Unmatched Realism: From its texture to its temperature, every detail is designed for authenticity.
  • Body-Safe Material: Phthalate-free Fanta Flesh offers peace of mind with every touch.
  • Versatile Use: Superior suction cup for hands-free play and harness compatibility for varied pleasures.
  • Intense Vibrations: Easily adjustable settings lead to powerful climaxes.
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A Marvel of Design and Sensation
Crafted to perfection, the Real Feel Deluxe No. 5 showcases a detailed head, pronounced veins, and free-hanging balls, achieving an astonishing level of realism. Its silhouette is not just a sight to behold but a journey to untold pleasure. With a generous length and girth, it promises to fulfill your deepest desires.

Luxurious and Safe Material
Embrace the exquisite touch of the Real Feel Deluxe, made from phthalate-free Fanta Flesh. This material doesn't just mimic the softness of real skin; it replicates the warmth and essence of genuine intimacy. Completely body-safe, it ensures every moment spent is not only pleasurable but also carefree.

Unmatched Versatility for Endless Enjoyment
Equipped with a super-strong suction cup base, the Real Feel Deluxe No. 5 offers hands-free play by adhering to nearly any flat, smooth surface. Whether it's a heated session against the wall or a passionate encounter on the floor, the suction cup stays secure, enhancing every thrust with unwavering stability. The quick-release tab ensures easy removal, allowing you to focus solely on your pleasure.
Compatible with any Fetish Fantasy Series harnesses, it transforms into the most comfortable and realistic strap-on experience. Its adaptability makes it a perfect companion for solo adventures, couple’s play, or adding a thrilling twist to your BDSM scenarios.

Powerful Vibrations for an Unforgettable Climax
Though batteries are not included, once armed, the Real Feel Deluxe No. 5 awakens to deliver potent vibrations. The intensity of these vibrations promises an orgasmic experience like never before, amplifying every sensation to its peak. Simple operation via the twist-cap mechanism ensures that your journey to ecstasy is just a twist away.

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