French Maid Service

Studio Marc Dorcel
Year of production 2010
Duration (min) 90
Soodushind 9,99 € Tavahind 16,90 €

In a very fine hotel, the maids maintain the traditions: short black dresses with petticoat, white apron and maid hat for their long hair. Life is strict for those maids and if there is still dirt on the furniture, the punishment is direct: spanking and deep anal penetration. But it can be fun too, like serving breakfast to a patron in his bed before enjoying his morning hard on. With this lady who shove a big black dildo deep in the wet pussy of a blonde maid. Another customer will see two maids fucking together with a strap-on before taking his sex in their mouth and lying legs wide open to greet him. Three men have diner alone, a gorgeous French maid will go under the table for blowjobs and end on it for a double penetration. Yes these maids know perfectly the meaning of « to wait on »

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