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Marc Dorcel La Petite Vendeuse de Chaussures, DVD, Hetero DVD, Sex Shop

Marc Dorcel La Petite Vendeuse de Chaussures

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Marc Dorcel La Petite Vendeuse de Chaussures

To be comfortable in his shoes, we say that size matters! And that, our charming salesmen have understood it ... Even when it is not a question of size!
Taking their work to heart, they will use the most deviant methods to satisfy their customers and make them want to iron for sure the threshold of their shop.
For Emma, the task will be much easier than expected! Being offered by a shy man one of his own pair of shoes, she will thank this lucky fetishist by masturbating with her feet before checking if her sex is the right size to fill all its orifices.
Luna is going to face Cléa, a recalcitrant customer and her boyfriend. Despite all his efforts, she will not succeed in meeting his expectations ... But she will satisfy those of his spouse, later come to apologize for the attitude of Cléa, offering him a leg up in the air where frantic blowjob and unbridled anal sex will eventually build loyalty.
Finally, Cléa, decidedly unhappy with his purchase, will be offered an exquisite compensation by the owner of the shop. The tongues and loins of our crafty trader will be worth much more than all the coupons of the World and carry it to the ultimate enjoyment.
So, do not wait any longer and come find your shoe!

Casting : Luna Rival, Emma Klein, Cléa Gaultier

Additional Information

Brand Marc Dorcel
Director Les compères
Studio Marc Dorcel
Year 2018
Languages English, French
Total time (min) 79