Studio: Marc Dorcel
Production year: 2021
Duration 175 min.
Directed by : Kay Brandt


Tina (Emma Hix) and Justin (Jay Smooth) live in a beautiful mansion in an affluent area of Los Angeles. They are sexually liberated and often share intense intimacy with their friends. Both very busy with their professional activities, they decided to hire a home chef to take care of the meals and give them some free time for their private activities. Today, they summoned the attractive Mia (Whitney Wright) to test her skills during their best friend Jenna's (Paige Owens) birthday weekend. At first a little unsettled by the morals of her new employers, Whitney turns out to be very excited by the situation...

Tina and Jenna have a very special relationship. They've been best friends for years, and at the same time, they've developed a special relationship based on sex and exciting role playing. Today, Tina plays a sexy teacher who has to punish Jenna for not turning in her presentation on time. What if Jenna "forgot" to turn in her paper on purpose? To make her understand her mistake, Tina is quick to caress and kiss her before the two young women finish their lovemaking in the bathroom. Between intimate caresses and languorous kisses, it is likely that Jenna will forget to return her homework much more often.

Soon after, Tina's husband Justin comes home from a long day at the office. What could be more exciting than finding two beautiful naked women in the bedroom to forget all his daily worries? Still all excited by their role play, the two young women decide to give him a lesbian show he won't soon forget. Very excited, Justin joins them and intends to take advantage of the occasion to offer his first birthday present to Jenna. This last loves to make love with the girls but she seldom says no when a man with a good body proposes to her to sodomize her. It's even more exciting when her best friend watches her enjoy masturbating. It's a birthday weekend that's off to a great start.

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Arvustatav toode:Marc Dorcel SUGAR AND SPICE EROOTILINE FILM
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