Chilirose Костюм гангстера на Хэллоуин


Костюм -  гангстера (5 деталей)

комплект состоит из:

- шляпа

- корсет с регулируемыми бретельками и лямками для чулок

- белый воротник с черной лентой

- трусики

- чулки

Доступен в 2 размерах: S/M и L/XL



29,90 €
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Product Features:

  • Stylish Gangster Disguise: Dress up as a stylish gangster with this five-piece ensemble and make an impression at any party.
  • Includes Accessories: The ensemble includes everything you need to create the perfect look, including a hat, corset, white collar with a black ribbon, panties, and stockings.

Ideas for Women and Couples:

  • Themed Parties: Stand out at themed parties or Halloween celebrations with friends by choosing this gangster costume. It's sure to turn heads and bring smiles to everyone's faces.
  • Role-Playing: Invite your partner to join in on some role-playing fun and host a dinner or party at home where you can both experience the exciting gangster theme.
  • Photo Shoot: Arrange a fun photo shoot with friends or your partner while dressed up in full gangster attire and capture unforgettable moments.

Give yourself permission to step into character and enjoy the fun and humor with the Chilirose Gangster Halloween Costume. Get ready to shine and make an impression at all the parties!

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