glass spot anal plug


Made of glass, non-toxic, non-odor, durable, beautiful in appearance. Curved, double heads, massage covering sensitive areas, unique design, manual operation, easy to use, relaxing body massage. Give you the feeling of super stimulation and comfortable, the glass material is not only convenient to clean but also durable and wearable. The perfect toy is suitable for couples flirting. Strong stimulation to the G spot, help to produce pleasurable erotic stimulation. Perfect for female or male single use, or couples or gay partners flirting during sex. Give couples better sex experience, more harmonious sex life. Applying lubricant will have better effect. After each use is completed, promptly cleaned and properly preserved for the next time you continue yo use.

Specification: Material: Glass Size: app.18.5x3.2cm Optional color: Blue Quantity: 1Pc

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  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its beautiful appearance makes it a discreet yet luxurious addition to your collection, appealing to those who value elegance in their pleasure products.
  • G-Spot Stimulation: Specifically designed to target the G-spot, providing intense and focused stimulation that can lead to powerful and satisfying orgasms.
  • Compatibility with Lubricants: For an enhanced experience, pair it with your favorite lubricant to ensure smooth, comfortable use and maximum pleasure.
  • Easy Maintenance: After each use, a simple clean with soap and water keeps it ready and safe for next time, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Bring a new level of sophistication and pleasure to your intimate moments with the Glass Spot Anal Plug. Whether for personal use, as part of couple’s play, or as a gift to a partner, it promises to deliver an exquisite experience that will be cherished and remembered.

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