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Marc Dorcel Magazine plus n°7, Ajakirjad, Sex Shop

Marc Dorcel Magazine plus n°7

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Summary of the Dorcel Mag plus7, release of the film L'infiltrée

  • Exclusive announcements of the next shootings

  • The releases of the month of October 2017

  • The making of: The infiltrated

  • The big file: The 20 biggest stars of the X - file 50 pages

  • The photo shoot of Riley Reid and Janice

  • Film of the month: Russian Institute Tease

  • The full programs of Dorcel TV and Dorcel XXX for the month of October2017.

And always 2 films offered:

  • Megan Escort de Luxe by Hervé Bodilis

  • Pornochic Superstars de Hervé Bodilis