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Hot Pheromon Parfum Miami Man 30ml, Parfümeeria, Sekspood, Uued tooted, Feromooniidega lõhnad meestele, Kingid mehele

Hot Pheromon Parfum Miami Man 30ml

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Our new phenomenal Pheromone perfumes With selected fragrances which immerse you in the spirit of the city.

Our Pheromone line is topped off with a Pheromone body lotion and a Pheromone gel.

Pheromones are chemicals secreted in order to attract the opposite sex.

The special and extensively tested blend of Androstanol and androstenone makes our new line unique.

Elegant perfume with pheromones for men
Fresh and aromatic fragrance with bergamot, coriander, nutmeg and musk
Attractive mysterious seductive
Attractive to women, erotic, sexy and lustful
It's cool - it's Hot