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-Should the purchased goods be not suitable to you for some reason, you have the right to return the product within 14 days and get 100% refund 

-We will refund the sum paid for the returned product to the purchaser’s bank account without delay, but no later than within 14 days from the date we receive a withdrawal application from the purchaser. Hotlips may refuse to make a refund until the purchaser has returned to it the item   that constituted the object of the contract or provided proof of having sent back the goods.

-The return policy does not apply to goods that are not suitable for returning due to health protection or hygiene reasons and if the goods have been opened following delivery. has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale made through the online shop without penalty and to refrain from providing the service or delivering the ordered goods in the following cases:

- Out of stock
- The price or features of the item have been incorrectly displayed in the online store due to a system error in the online store.

If is unable to fulfill the order placed in the e-shop, the Buyer will be notified via the contact phone or email address indicated on the order within 2 business days of placing the order. The advance payment made by the Buyer shall be refunded within 3 business days, unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer.

In the event of non-conformity or defect of the Goods, the Purchaser shall have the right to require to replace the Goods with the qualifying and / or defective Goods or to withdraw from the contract of sale and return the non-conforming Goods at the expense of Purchased goods cannot be returned if they have been manufactured in accordance with the Buyer's personal needs and according to the Buyer's terms. shall not be liable for defects in any of the following:

- due to use advised against and / or not recommended;

- due to the Buyer's failure to keep to the instructions and / or recommendations;

- damage caused intentionally or unintentionally by the Buyer;

In the case of consumer sales, the relevant provisions of the Law of Obligations Act apply to the right of withdrawal and the return of a defective product. Sport supplements will not be eligible for withdrawal within 14 days due to food hygiene reasons and will not be able to resold the recalled goods. agrees to withdraw from the contract of sale only in cases where the information given about the goods is incorrect or the customer has been sent non-conforming goods. Within 3 business days of receipt of the goods, the buyer must send  an e-mail to at The free-form statement must contain information on the goods to be returned, the reason for the return and the order number.

In the event of return of non-conforming goods, the amount paid for the goods, together with the transportation cost of the return, will be credited to the Buyer's bank account (To the same from which the order was originally paid) no later than 5 days after receiving

If, after returning the goods,'s inspection of the condition of the goods has revealed that the goods to be returned have been used or have deteriorated, the Buyer shall be liable for the impairment of the goods. may make a claim to that effect within 30 days of returning the Product and Buyer shall be liable for any impairment of the Product.

In the event that the Buyer disagrees with the impairment indicated in the offset notice, the Buyer shall have the right to engage an independent expert to determine the value of the product. Expenses related to expertise shall be divided in half between the Buyer and, except. in cases where the position of one of the parties proves to be unfounded. In that case, the costs of the expert examination shall be borne by the party whose position appears to be unfounded.

Credit card payments are refunded only to the same card from which the payment was made.

Responsibility shall be liable to Buyer and Buyer shall be liable to for damage caused to the other party by breach of these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. is the controller of personal data, transmits the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

Disputes between and the Purchaser regarding the purchase of products from the online store will be resolved by negotiation. Failing agreement, the Purchaser shall have the right to seek redress before the courts or to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board through the Consumer Protection Board. The commission is free of charge to the consumer and the value of the transaction must be more than 20 euros. The consumer may lodge a complaint himself or through a representative. The Consumer Protection Board data is available on the website of the Consumer Protection Board, in order to solve problems in the Member States of the European Union, contact the European Union Consumer Center.