Welcome to our wonderful erotic shop!

HotLips Maardu is the biggest and best sex shop in Estonia - Come and shop and get the products
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Do you think that the sex shop was still that timid cave on the street corner? And that going there
would be somehow objectionable or shady? We say cat whiskers!

HotLips Maardu is a magnificently decorated giant sex shop in Estonia that meets all international
standards. In the store you will find all the best sex toys and sex clothes that will raise the
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Dildos, vibrators, artificial vaginas and dildos, as well as lubricants are beautifully displayed and
almost everything can be tried. You can try how the material feels, how stretchy it is and how well
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There is at least enough space in our store, because the size of the store is more than 1200m2,
which also causes respectful nods from our suppliers. All products are simply displayed, and our
highly praised service staff will find the most suitable option for you among tens of thousands of
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A sex shop where the service is completely in a class of its own.

We have received tremendous praise for our store's excellent level of service. Our professional
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you to do anything, but if you wish, they will find the right sex toy or BDSM accessory for you. We
can proudly and easily state that our service is the best that an Estonian sex shop can offer.

Vana Narva mnt 20b, 74114 Maardu
Phone: 6616988
Open: Mon-Sun 10-21