Passion black-red stockings


Indulge in sensual style and comfort with these patterned, sheer, and lightly transparent stockings from Passion. Crafted with added LYCRA fiber, these stockings offer enhanced stretch and fit. They are adorned with an elegant 9 cm lace band with double silicone strips, ensuring a secure hold without slipping.

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  • Hypoallergenic: Made from materials that do not cause allergic reactions, allowing you to enjoy comfortable wear throughout the day or night.
  • Colorfast: The stockings retain their elegant black and red color even after washing, ensuring long-term use without color fading.
  • Sizes: Available in sizes 1/2 and 3/4, ensuring you find the perfect fit without compromising on comfort and fit.

Ideas for Use:

  • Romantic Evening: Wear these elegant stockings to add romance and sensuality to your special date night or evening with your significant other.
  • Bedroom Fun: Spice up your bedroom games by wearing these patterned stockings that will entice and intrigue your partner.
  • Personal Style: Incorporate these stockings into your everyday attire to feel confident and sexy every step of the way, even on the most ordinary days.

Enjoy the elegance, comfort, and sensuality of Passion's patterned stockings, bringing color and style to your look.

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