Chilirose valge Babydoll + string


Sobiva lõikega babydoll.

Valmistatud pehmest, elastsest, kergelt läbipaistvast materjalist ja pitsist.

Riietus on ümber kaela seotav.

Komplekti kuuluvad babydoll ja stringid 


90% polüester, 10% elastaan

19,97 €

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: This babydoll is designed with special attention to detail, offering a soft and sweet look that delights the eyes.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from premium and elastic material, providing a comfortable and snug feeling on the skin.
  • Fit and Comfort: The design tied around the neck and the flexible material ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Ideas for Women:

  • Confidence Boost: This babydoll will give you confidence and allure, making you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.
  • Romantic Moments: Create romantic moments by wearing this babydoll, fostering intimate and unforgettable memories with your partner.
  • Self-Expression: Use this babydoll to express your unique style and personality, whether in the bedroom or on other occasions.

Ideas for Couples:

  • Intimate Moments: Surprise your partner by wearing this babydoll, creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere for your shared moments.
  • Playful Role-Playing: Incorporate this babydoll into your role-playing games, exploring new fantasies and adding playfulness to your relationship.
  • Sensual Exploration: Enjoy intimacy and exploration with your partner using this babydoll, deepening your connection and enhancing the passion in your relationship.

Get yourself or your partner this stunning Chilirose Babydoll + String set and add a touch of luxury and sensuality to the bedroom!

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